We will continue to challenge you to give you dreams and impressions.

Under the management policy of always challenging new things,

we have been striving to respond quickly to the changing needs of our customers.

We will strive to improve customer satisfaction so that more customers

can get the best happiness and impression through fashion.

企業理念 Corporate philosophy

We will present the latest trend at a reasonable

price by abundantly arranging lady’s items

会社方針 Business policy

We will always challenge for the best and spare no effort.

About Us


Wholesale Division

・Import wholesale sale for retail stores

・Original product planning

・Bespoke, OEM production

Retail Division

・Brand「鎌倉angel」 management

・We propose fashion style according to brand concept

Overseas Division

・Overseas deployment support

・Procuring goods,Trade assistance

・Import and export agency service

・We respond to all customer's requests regarding clothing items.

Ecommerce Division

・Homepage management, update

・EC site management


Would you like to try new challenges with us?